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Untitled is a game that takes you into an Abstract paintings, that you then need to escape from. By blending in with colors you can pass through them, while you are blended with the colors be sure to check for power ups hidden inside of the color. Your goal is to have the highest score possible, by collecting power ups, racing against time, or a combination of both you can attempt to top the leaderboards.

Abilities and Traits can help you collected the most powerups, or race to the end. There are three abilities and three traits.

You can customize many aspects of the game, By setting your own World Generation options you are able to made the game harder, or easier. In the config.ini file you can also change the sound effects that are used, and the music that is played, and the level generation presets.

In the Option menus you have many options you can change. The Username box sets what name is submitted to the Leaderboard. Music Volume lets you change the volume of the background music that is playing. Sound Volume lets you change the volume of the sound effects. Graphical User Interface toggles between on and off, allowing you to decide if you want a GUI in game or not. Leaderboard Display changes the in game leaderboard that is shown at the end of a round, One of Each Difficulty shows the top score for each difficulty, Matching difficulty shows ten of the scores form the same difficulty you are playing. Leaderboard Submission lets you decide if you want your score automatically submitted, or if you want to push a button for the score to be submitted. Language lets you select between multiple languages (only English right now, if you translate the files send me an email with them) The next column lets you change the movement controls for the game.



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